Posted by: itsrhayader | April 2, 2009

Ron Paul worker detained by TSA for carrying cash

So a guy named Steve Bierfeldt, who works for Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty, was detained last weekend by TSA officials at the St. Louis Airport.  Did he set off a metal detector, or use threatening language?  Nope, he was carrying cash proceeds from a campaign conference.

Bierfeldt, who deserves a promotion for his quick thinking, turned on his cell phone to record the ensuing conversation.  Amid repeated threats to involve the DEA and FBI, Bierfeldt had one simple question: whether or not he was legally required to make a statement regarding the origin of the cash.  Check it out:

The real disturbing thing to me is that this has become the de facto method for law enforcement.  It is not a case of “a few bad apples” damaging the reputation of law enforcement as a whole (and yeah, the TSA is at least tangentially related to federal law enforcement).  It is everybody, everywhere, every day.  The message is clear: whether you broke a law or not, I can make your life miserable.  Do exactly as I say, or you will get fucked.

A more profound violation of the “protect and serve” mandate would be hard to find.  However, that is the effect that the Drug War has had on police-community relations.  Law enforcement is no longer an honorable and brave subset of a larger population, but a seperate and distinct group of soldiers fighting a war against the citizenry.  You are all suspects at all times, and to think otherwise is to misunderstand the current situation.


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